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Colin Harris

Co-Founder, Owner, Head coach

I come from a 16-year background of martial arts, being a Black Belt, and fighting competitively and representing our country for many years. Having completed CKT 1, 2 and 3 certification through IKFF and WKC coach certification through World Kettlebell club. Since then I have had no injury’s, rehabbed all previous injury’s, and now focus on teaching proficient kettlebell, Girvou lifting to the public and super athletes. Focusing on preventative rehab, health management, High-performance programming and conditioning, and Physical Rehabilitation.

Nothing has been more humbling. Nothing has captivated me and challenged me more than kettlebells has. Results speak for its self, and kettlebell philosophy and theology has never failed to deliver the pure quality of strength, skill, mobility, fitness, and rehab like kettlebell training has. I am blown away by the benefits time and time again, and it is these very results and benefits I wish to pass over to our clients!